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The Korea Queer Culture Festival, held since 2000, is an annual public event taking place in Seoul for about two weeks around end of May to beginning of June. It aims to encourage the pride of Korean sexual minorities and increase an awareness and understanding of LGBT issues to the public.


The Queer parade in Korea started in 2000 in Daehak-ro as a part of Korea Queer Culture Festival and the participants were only around 50. Since then, the KQCF was held in many places in Seoul, including near Hongik University, Itaewon, Jongno, and the Cheonggyecheon Stream. The latest 15th KQCF, held in June 7th 2014 in Sinchon-vehicle-free-street, reached a record turnout of 15,000 participants.


Each year, the festival creates a unique slogan under which many events are planned. Such events include performance, party, queer film festival, show, discussion, photo exhibition etc. The main event is called the ‘Queer Parade’, a public street march. The Queer Parade is an international event held not only in Korea, but also in major cities in the world around June.


Officially called as the ‘PRIDE PARADE’, it is a parade for those who have been discriminated against sexual orientation in spirit of pride. Everyone is welcomed to join the parade as long as they support equal and just human rights of sexuality.


The mission of the Korean Queer Culture Festival is as follows:


1. Advocating the Pride of Sexual Minorities

The Korea Queer Culture Festival aims to be a seed of change for sexual minorities who have concealed their identities in society break free of oppression and march out. It is also an opportunity to support and encourage the “hidden” sexual minorities in Korea. Despite social discrimination in Korea, the KQCF thrives radiates positive energy through active cultural exchange and parade.


2. Unique Participatory Events

The KQCF has been devoted to incorporating artistic elements in its events as its long standing mission of the festival. We understand art may not trigger everyone’s interests. Although any forms of participation is encouraged, we hope to increase the level of audience engagement by offering opportunities where they can be the part of the event. In fact, a majority of KQCF events such as exhibition, performance, discussion, and party, are organized by volunteers from sexual minorities and citizens. All our events are open to the public.


3. Co-existence of Human Rights and Culture

If the supposed function of a festival is ‘ameliorating societal conflicts and inducing harmony and peace’, the KQCF satisfies initiating such a change at the social level while celebrating diversity. In doing so, we bring human rights the culture as our core topic of change.


Despite discrimination, we hope KQCF could be the initiator in starting a social dialogue regarding LGBT issues. In the process, we hope to share the fun and joy with the public.



Organizing Committee


The KQCF organizing committee is a non-profit organization. It accepts new members every November to plan for the upcoming festival. Participation is voluntary and the KQCF does not discriminate against sexual orientation of its members. As of 2015, the 16th Korea Queer Culture Festival consists of 60 organizing members.


The organizing committee is divided into four segments: Administration, Parade Planning, Party and Events Planning, and Korea Queer Film Festival Planning Committee. The Administrative Committee supervises all segments and consists of the chairman, secretariat, promotion team and design team. The promotion team offers services in media promotion, SNS promotion, translation/interpretation, photography and video production. The design team produces all designs-online, print, textiles, merchandise- used for the festival.


The Parade Planning committee oversees site selection, and logistics throughout the festival.

The Party and Events committee plans the official after-party, plans campaigns, and events that are directed to increase public participation.


The Korea Queer Film Festival Planning Committee invites LGBT-themed films that are difficult to access from other film festivals to the Korean audience.



The Korea Queer Film Festival


The official Film Festival of the Korea Queer Culture Festival is the Queer Film Festival.

Don’t get confused!


Rainbow Film Festival



Seoul LGBT Film Festival



Queer Film Festival



Started out as the “Rainbow Film Festival” in 2001, the Queer Film Festival has been held annually in Seoul as a part of the Korea Queer Culture Festival to celebrate diversity in the Korean society and to advocate for the co-existence of the LGBT culture.


The “Seoul LGBT Film Festival” which has been co-hosted with the Korea Queer Culture Festival for thirteen years changed its name in 2014 as ”‘Korea Queer Film Festival, KQFF”.




Korea Queer Culture Festival Committee


KQFF – Festival Director




- Program team (domestic/ foreign)

- Promotion team

- Caption Technology team

- Event Planning team

- Volunteer team





The KQCF uses the direct billing CMS account with the help from [Human Rights Foundation Saram]. Should you choose to donate through direct billing, the proceeds will be donated to the Saram foundation all of which will in turn be transferred to the Korea Queer Culture Festival account.


Your donation will help KQCF make plan more diverse and unique events.

Make your events more festive. See yourself in the Korea Queer Culture Festival.


Proceeds donated are tax deductible.

Donation Account: Woori Bank: 196-211605-13-101 (Name: 퀴어문화축제조직위원회)


Or you could donate through mobile phone. Send a text message to #2540-2000. 3000 Won will be donated to the KQCF account. And the billing will specify “information usage fee”. Depending on the type of your cellular device, your text message may not be sent.