Seoul Queer Parade, the street march by Korea Queer Culture Festival (KQCF hereafter) can be held as scheduled at Seoul Plaza (Seoul City Hall Square) in June 28th.  

In June 2nd, KQCF Organization Committee (KQCF OC hereafter), requested to Seoul Administrative Court for the invalidation of the ban on outdoor rally that Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency made. 

And today, June 16th, the 13th division of the Seoul Administrative Court (Judge: Jeoungwoo Ban) accepted the request of KQCF OC. 

Due to the decision of court, the ban on outdoor rally about parade of KQCF became invalid, and the street march of Seoul Queer Parade can be held legally. 
Myeongjin Kang, the chief of KQCF OC, said, “The decision of the court this time is significant considering that the police unfairly banned the outdoor rally.” He also added, “This also means that it should be guaranteed for sexual minorities to speak up toward society as a member of civil society in democratic country.” 

In the decision of the court, KQCF consultative body for action, which is consisted of overall 112 organizations with human rights, civil society, religion, and political party, said, “We welcome the meaningful decision of the court for peaceful march. We will make every effort for participants who will join this safe and peaceful parade together.”